Unfortunately, you will find no dirty limericks here. I’m very sorry for the deception. However, you will find me (or a fair representation thereof)—whatever I may be.

This blog has no purpose, other than to express who I am. I do not know if much value exists in these expressions, but I find myself compelled to post them. I seek neither acclaim nor wealth through writing; I am not trying to be published. I hope, by reading, viewing, and listening to the dusty little knickknacks (pun) you find here, you might just get to know the substance of me.

Click “follow” or “like,” if that’s something you want to do. It’s the only way for me to know that you’ve been here, and I generally do view the blogs of those who click on my buttons or type comments.

Leave some footprints. I’d like to know you too.


01242017_1Nicholas Osborne

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