Pillow Thought

a moment—
I had one

the walls of present-
future-past melted
into the aging skin
that drapes my skull

the thing I thought oblivion
became the everlasting and
all was moisture and body-heat—
love, compressed into temperature

the discordant many-voice these
ears have known, familiar-drifted
like dinghies in a passing mist—
rudderless creations, forever bobbing

strained through a lead crystal
colander, dripping out the holes,
emerging as streams of light-catching
prisms, projecting in full-spectrum color

life seemed a speck
as I fell into a white
space, without dimension
engulfed in dust-devil
energy ribbons—kinesis

five senses, my departing lovers
smiling, hand-combing tousled hair
under the discovery of dawn, and I hear
the thump of their feet down the stairs

and the courteous shutting of the
                                                               front door

they are callers with tangled
string—each afloat like kites
given to ficklest winds, knotted
up in high, dead branches

all experience—taste
smell, thought, touch
the muddled haze of after-sex
and my always nagging wanderlust



a knowing without words
and a feeling lacking expression, a
comforting blankness of All that
I would never name 'love'

neither was it a kind of peace—
indeed, no word has been or
yet will be invented to be
spoken by tender lips of any shade

I am before my
birth, and beyond
my death, and I
feel it all collide into


I think it's called


19 thoughts on “Pillow Thought”

  1. “life seemed a speck … as I fell into a white space, without dimension” – Love that. I’ve felt as though I am a bit nebulous of late… my self examination, reflection on past lovers and friends, current people in my life. I’m hopeful… and I feel like your conclusion captures that for me.

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    1. Wonderful. Thank you so much. The world is in flux, indeed, from the macro to the micro, I think. A little fundamental reevaluation is in order. Maybe fling open the closet doors, air them out, and beat the dust from our old clothes?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. First of all, I really like your recent renovation of the site design, it is very well done, so subtly elegant and very professional. The poem is very touchingly abstract and wistful; you paint with words to great effect. Moreover, this new site design serves as an excellent canvas, less restrictive than the old design. Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Brian! I do have a penchant for minimalist aesthetics—it even carries over to the way I decorate my home space. I’m happy that you noticed. It’s one of the ‘canned’ site designs, but I did some tweaking of the fonts and layout. I’m happy with it. Less distraction from the text, I think.

      To the poem: I felt it was time for an abstract bit. Not everything can be a masterpiece, and that’s not what I’m trying for here. A lot’s going on in my personal life and writing has become more difficult. This was an attempt to uncork the bottle.

      I still can’t believe you brought up Gattaca. No one I’ve encountered—aside from my late brother—has ever mentioned an appreciation for (or even claimed to have knowledge of) that film.

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      1. You’re welcome! I too am amazed at our mutual interest in the movie, in fact, I consider it my favorite movie of all time. Certainly a very under appreciated masterpiece. Moreover, like you, I am also very partial towards minimalism, and I especially admire the works of Tadao Ando ( Benesse Island Art park)

        I recommend you check out the Salk Institute, it is a stunning example of modern/minimalist architecture built by Louis Khan and mirrors the architecture of Gattaca. If you ever get the chance to go to La Jolla, you should give it a visit. Moreover, you might enjoy the works of Olson Kundig.

        As for this poem, I consider it to be an excellent example of your wonderful and creative poetic acumen. Also, I have noticed that the last few months have proved a sort of literary Renaissance for not just you and me, but for a lot of people I know. Its amazing how fast progress happens when it does happen.

        Someone once told men that you can’t write an odyssey without experiencing an odyssey, so I feel your accumulated experiences will lead you to write something epic and defining sooner or later. You have certainly have the depth, vision and skill to do so.

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