Just Ruminating – Poets Speak

Some of my spoken poetry has been featured on Just Ruminating, a blog that showcases a broad sampling of talent from around the Web. I would encourage you all to visit and peruse its rich and varied content.

If you would like to view my audio tracks, you can find them on Just Ruminating via this link.

Many thanks to Rob for the consideration!

5 thoughts on “Just Ruminating – Poets Speak”

  1. Congrats! It almost like being invited onto radio. Now you are effectively a regular columnist (sudden denouement) with media appearances, things are adding up nicely and at a good pace too! Also, you’re looking even better than before in your recent photo in the blue shirt.

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    1. You make it sound like such a serious undertaking. In reality, I’m just floundering around in one form of disjointed expression or other.

      I do thank you for your encouragement. 🙂

      And thank you for the comment on my photo. It dawned on me that this entire blog is in black and white. I suppose it was an attempt to inject some color into however I am perceived.

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