Thoughts 1/1/2016

The year ends, and so also ends this black-checkered composition book I’ve been scribbling in. Coincidence that the final page is filled on the last evening? Maybe my subconscious drove me to it.

Either way, I am still here—still writing, though you may not know it. I hope that what I have produced is meaningful and satisfying for you. I write for me, but also for you.

I want to thank you all for bearing with me this year. It’s a doozy for the record books, I think. Your readership, love, and support has gotten me through many more difficult days and nights than you will ever know. You have given me a reason. For that, I thank you.

Here’s to fresh starts and bold undertakings.



7 thoughts on “Thoughts 1/1/2016”

  1. What a coincidence, perhaps more than a coincidence, but a sign for a new project? I was not previously aware that the beautiful cursive was from your own journal, now that you have informed us, I just had an idea:

    Perhaps you could digitalize the entire journal and edit it so that the typed poem is on the right sided page, and the hand written version on the left page. Then you could publish it as a poetry book. As your reputation should soar in 2017, it could eventually prove a nice little windfall. Mix it with some original photography and it’ll be perfect.

    Also, A Book for David is a splendid masterpiece, and I am immensely happy you are finally getting the recognition you deserve!

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    1. Yes, that black scribbling is all my own. I’d actually had the thought to upload poems as handwritten images instead of typed posts, but I quickly abandoned that line after considering that probably not everyone can read my handwriting.

      I will think on it. I never throw anything away (intentionally), so those writings aren’t going anywhere.

      Thank you so much for you continued encouragement, Brian. I don’t personally believe I deserve any unique recognition for my poetry and ramblings, but that is beautiful of you to say. I have not forgotten that your words were what stopped me from scrapping this site altogether not too long ago. I owe you a debt I’m afraid I can never completely repay.

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      1. The handwriting is fine, it’s just that people today can’t read cursive so they need the print. I feel the recent praises you have received form suddendenoument is proof that you do deserve recognition, and you don’t owe me, I simply saw creative merit and said the truth. I look forward to your further involvement with the collective, it is a god send opportunity and I feel it may open a career in editing for you one day (which I feel is the endgame). Push forward!

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      2. Here is some more motivation for you,
        I just saw this great publication called the High Window ( I read it in the reader and it turned out they had only 61 followers after a year. and they are esteemed career poets who receive submissions from prestigious people. But now you command the attention of thousands of followers, and your personal following is no less than High Windows. Whose to say you cannot edit a publication one day?

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      3. I am focusing on the day in which I live. It’s the only way I can survive. Your confidence in my abilities is astounding, quite frankly.

        One of the most attractive qualities about the future is that it is yet unwritten. Life takes us where it will, and we hope and work for the best.

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