Thoughts 11/28/2016

To all who have wronged me, I forgive you.

To any whom I have wronged, I am deeply sorry.

The man who you knew is no longer the man who I am. I have finally begun to embrace a measure of peace and surrender in my heart and mind. I have found within myself renewed confidence, serenity, and purpose. Who I continue to become is who I have always wanted to be. Some irony exists at the timing of this metamorphosis, but perhaps everything old must be forcibly stripped away before any form of renewal can gain root.

I see who I am, and I am content. I harbor no malice—nor any form of ill will—toward those who have touched my life, and in turn, whose lives I have touched. I am filled with love and with wonder at the sight of this world and its people.

To all, peace and long life.



7 thoughts on “Thoughts 11/28/2016”

    1. Thank you! I forgive, yet that does not mean that I will continue to allow myself to be taken advantage of. I try not to keep enemies, but I am sometimes left with no choice. This fact fills me with incredible sadness, to be completely honest.

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      1. Thank you for the wisdom. I often grapple with having to act out of necessity, rather than desire. It gives me no pleasure to have to be on my guard (and occasionally take the offense) with other individuals. I really do try to make no waves in the lives of others. That’s almost a mantra of mine.

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      2. It’s a constant struggle, but I am trying. I detest that my current situation dictates that I fight. I generally avoid using force—I do not think of it as a valid means to any end. I detest that I must fight because I have worked very much to rid myself of those tendencies. I have not always been the person I am today. All the faces I have worn are still a part of me, and I have come to terms with that.

        Thank you for indulging my need for conversation. I have a feeling you sensed it.

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      3. Conversations are always a delight. Just remember that there is nothing wrong with being firm in reason. Don’t feel guilt, because if simply defending yourself makes you feel bad, then that means you are a compassionate person and everything you do is well within reason.

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