Just One


It took but one small thing
to change me into this—
not a portrait of health,
by any measure.

I’m a graying
photograph from long-lost
times—one that further
dims with each

I have been compressed
by the gravity of knowledge—
the eye that
gives form to
a profound denseness
of darkest fog.
It sleeps
within the smile;
slithers between
the words.

I know who you are.
I have known for some time.
Why else
I would I waste?

I have looked upon
a terrible countenance—
I’ve stared into
the depths of many.

I believed in goodness,
and have been
brought low by the
immolation of my faith.

Yes, I had faith—
so much more than
expression can contain.
I believed in you.

I do no longer,
nor do I see purity
fill any space within you.
All is malignancy
and void.

And so, I wither.

2 thoughts on “Just One”

  1. I’m sorry to see you like this, however, I want you to know that between Heaven and Earth, there is naturally justice, and the good, trusting and kind always win in the end. For instance, in the Taoist Treatise on Response and Retributions, there are hundreds of karmic offenses listed–one of which is to harbor malice behind a facade of kindness. Each offense will result in a reduction of lifespan by either 12 year periods or 100 day periods (depending on severity).

    You may be interested in my poem on the matter:


    Also, great poem by the way.

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    1. Thank you, again, for your words.

      I’m making a serious effort to discover spiritual and emotional peace—to come to terms with life and acceptance of truth. I believe that I can measure some progress toward those goals. Obviously, complete peace and acceptance are unattainable, but to me, it is the pursuit of those virtues that matters.

      I do believe that justice and good exist. I believe that very strongly, in fact. Sometimes it is just difficult to track them through the gloom of what seems like a great morass that has recently descended into all aspects of my reality.

      I will read your poem, and I will give you my thoughts.

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