Look at me.

When you desolate a man
and purge him of soul,
you reap rewards in flesh—
this is how much you’ve levied,
from my body alone.

You’ve harvested it
with sickle and scythe,
and your yields have been rich.

Look at me and ask:
“What can be sown
in a barren field?”

4 thoughts on “Untitled”

      1. Reader comments are the mirrors for our work. Unfortunately even I am not given to being regular with my comments. Thats probably due to the immense support all of us have. I have now settled to believe that a great percentage of my readers who like my poetry have read the lines. Anyways. I strike a like after reading.

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      2. That’s very true. My blogging experience too often feels like I’m mumbling in public, wondering if some of my words will strike a chord in whoever happens to hear them. I haven’t exactly been serious about this blog in the past, or about making connections with fellow writers. I might have to change my approach, though.

        Thank you, once again.

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